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It was a great birthday.
This was my first birthday with Shiwon and that's probably what made it so great ♥♥♥^^

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i...really like them lately admittedly  
and someone Shiwon yes noticed i think.
or maybe i was just influenced by him giving me a plush bunny and a husky
oh and yes a squid.

..but yeah. i have this fascination for animals these days.
Maybe i should go into something that involves animals for my future career? or in college?

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Current Mood: ecstatic ecstatic

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Idek either but it's kind of cute even if i think frogs are gross; toads rather--

It's an Okapi and it's taunting you.

I can't remember exactly how i stumbled into Okapi's while browsing the web, but somehow it had something to do with nano-particles and invisibility and science and legends.

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Yesterday my roomate did a stupid thing in the hallways.

But I've come to realize that i did an even more stupid thing by just freezing there; so it's time i stood up for him and not be scared anymore.

Choi Shiwon and I are together and i am truly and deeply in love with him.

I knew i had promised before not to be scared but again and again i cowered when there was'nt any real reason to be.

I also know you told me we don't have anything to prove to other people but i needed to do this to prove something to myself..to us.

I love you Shiwon and as long as you are there I won't and should not be afraid.

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..maybe we could ask the principal for a feildtrip neh? :)

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